Warning Track
What is Warning Track?
Warning Track was created to let you be notified of things you care about in MLB, in real-time. We are building out a variety of ways to make you aware of when exciting baseball is being played.

We tweet the most exciting at-bats each day: @warningtrackco
We provide a scoreboard ordering the most exciting games: http://warningtrack.co
We provide a tv-mode to allow mlb.tv subscribers a "RedZone" experience: http://warningtrack.co/tv
What is TV Mode?
*This feature is only for subscribers of mlb.tv or mlb gameday audio.*

TV Mode is a mlb.tv wrapper, providing an improved viewing experience. The top of the page is a scrollable scoreboard showing current games ordered by their excitement level. You are alerted instantly when a new exciting game is in progress.

There are currently three viewing types:
Auto - Instantly switches to whatever game is the most exciting.
Semi - Switches to the most exciting game if it is significantly more exciting than your current game.
None - Never switches. Alerts will display and you can choose when you want to switch games.
How do you Determine if a Game is "Exciting"?
We use the sabermetric stat "leverage index."

Given the current: score, inning, base runners and outs; we can use historical baseball data to show what at-bats have the highest likelihood of changing the game's outcome.
How Often is Data Refreshed?
MLB game data is cached every minute. The site is refreshed every 30 seconds to ensure you get the latest update. Refreshing more frequently will have no effect.
What is Next?
Please feel free to reach to us on twitter @warningtrackco. We want to know how we can improve your baseball experiences!